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  1. I’m looking for ballistics but I only find velocities on your website. Where can I get energies and trajectories?

    Complete ballistics, including velocities, energies and trajectories, are included on our website in the catalog.

  2. What slug design should I be using in my shotgun?

    Winchester Ammunition offers two slug designs, the sabot slug or the rifled slug. Sabot slugs are designed to be used in rifled barrels or in smooth barrels with a rifled choke tube. Rifled slugs are designed to be used in smooth barrels. We have found the best accuracy when using rifled slugs in a cylinder or modified choke.
    For more information, see the shotshell section of our catalog.

  3. Where can I find a specific gauge, caliber, or ammunition component?

    The entire Winchester catalog can be browsed here on our website. You can also search for a specific retailer in your area.

  4. Where can I buy obsolete and hard-to-find types of ammunition?

    Call RTG Sporting Collectibles at 214-361-6577 or contact Bob's Gun Shop. There are a few of which we are aware - there may be others.

  5. Winchester has a new load out. Where can I get information on the load and where can I buy it?

    There is a new products section on this site and a list of Winchester retailers on this site.

  6. Can I buy ammunition or components direct from Winchester?

    No, we do not have a direct purchase program. Any Winchester Ammunition retailer is capable of offering any current cartridge, or can at least order it from its distributor if not currently in stock. To locate a retailer in your area, visit retailer locator on the site.

    Midway (800-243-3220), Gamaliel (800-615-3006), or Graf & Son's (573-581-2266) are very good sources for Winchester Cartridges and Components.

  7. Why has the AA® hull changed?

    With the help of new technology, we redesigned the AA® hull to use a stronger, higher tensile strength plastic hull for improved performance and reloadability.

  8. What AA® load should I use for 16 yard trap shooting?

    We suggest using either #7-1/2 or #8 shot size in the Light Target Load, product symbol AA®12. This shotshell offers more than adequate target breaking velocity for the 16 yard range with a mild recoil.

  9. What is the intended application of the Western® shotshells?

    The Western® shotshells are recreational target and field loads. Shooters who do not wish to reload will appreciate the value price of the Western® shotshells.

  10. Do the Western® shotshells use the same components as the AA® shotshells?

    No, they do not. Western® loads have a different hull construction.

  11. What benefit does copper-plated shot offer?

    Copperplating adds lubricity and hardness to the shot, which reduces deformation and improves pattern performance.

  12. Why are some Winchester Supreme® shotshells buffered?

    Buffering helps cushion shot upon firing allowing pellets to retain their uniformity and create tighter patterns.

  13. Is Winchester's New Partition Gold® 12 gauge slug effective at 200 yards?

    Yes, in addition to incredible accuracy, the Partition Gold® slug retains 1530 ft/lbs of energy at 200 yards.

  14. What shot size and choke does Winchester recommend for waterfowl hunting?

    Please visit Winchester's Choose Your Ammo application where you can enter your desired criteria.

  15. Which Winchester bullet offers the highest weight retention?

    The Fail Safe retains virtually 100% of its original weight.

  16. What type of barrel is recommended for shooting the Partition Gold® slug?

    To obtain maximum accuracy, Winchester recommends the use of a fully rifled barrel with the Partition Gold® slug.

  17. What is the advantage of shooting Supreme® High Velocity shotshell loads?

    The higher velocity offers an increased per pellet energy leading to a longer effective range.

  18. I have been shooting Super-X® Power Point® ammunition for years, the last box I purchased appeared to have a different profile than it did in the past. Is this the same ammunition?

    Some of the bullet profiles have been changed to increase ballistic coefficient, providing for better downrange trajectories.

  19. Why do the Supreme® High Velociy Turkey loads pattern so well?

    The High Velocity loads use a larger volume plastic wad resulting in better patterns. It has won the NWTF's National World Still Target Competition Shooting five years in a row.

  20. What is the difference between Xpert® Steel and Drylok Super Steel?

    Drylok Super Steel offers higher velocity and added water resistance.

  21. Why is Xpert® steel less expensive than Drylok Super Steel?

    Winchester uses a proprietary steel shot manufacturing process substantially reducing the cost of the shot. Combined with the reduced velocity level and wad column changes, Winchester can offer these shells at a value.

  22. Why should I use High Velocity Steel loads?

    The higher velocity increases the per pellet energy downrange, and provides excellent patterning. Many professional waterfowl guides prefer, and recommend, the performance of Supreme® High Velocity Steel Shot.

  23. What type of wads are used in Super-X® shotshells?

    All 12 gauge and 20 gauge Super-X® shotshells are now loaded with one-piece plastic wads.

  24. Why does Winchester make so many different Super-X® Game Loads?

    Winchester produces a wide variety of Super-X® game loads in order to offer the shooter the ideal shot weight and size for any type of hunting application.

  25. Are the new Super-X® Game Loads the same as the Upland loads that Winchester recently discontinued?

    While some of the loads are similar, the expanded Super-X® line offers shooters an even more exceptional value using the legendary Super-X® brand.

  26. Why did Winchester replace the brass on Super-X® Game Loads with aluminum?

    Zinc-plating was added to the head for better corrosion resistance.

  27. What is the difference between the bullet loaded in Winchester's Supreme® Partition Gold® and Nosler's original Partition bullet?

    Supreme® Partition Gold® is a complete redesign of the famous Nosler Partition bullet. This redesign combined Winchester's patented steel cup technology, with Nosler's proven Partition design. This combination allows for a traditional lead mushroom expansion and provides improved weight retention, deeper penetration, and superior ballistic performance.

  28. I am going to be hunting Whitetail Deer with a 30-06, what ammunition does Winchester recommend?

    The proper bullet construction for virtually all types of game can be selected by referring to Winchester's CXP listing on the CFR ballistics pages.

  29. Does Winchester offer a boat-tail bullet for hunting applications?

    Yes, the Ballistic Silvertip® has a boat-tail construction.

  30. What it the purpose of the aluminum nose cap on the Super-X® Silvertip® bullet?

    The addition of this nose cap helps to protect the soft lead core of the bullet in the magazine and during the chambering of the round in order to improve magazine and during the chambering of the round in order to improve downrange accuracy, and provides delayed expansion for deeper penetration.

  31. Why does USA ammunition cost less than other brands?

    USA ammunition is produced in calibers that have very high demand, and can therefore be made in large volumes. Due to these economical production runs, USA ammunition can offer the shooter an exceptional value at an unbeatable price.

  32. Is the AA® shotshell the best to use for competitive shooting?

    Yes, AA® shotshells are the #1 choice of competitive shooters.

  33. Can I hunt with USA Centerfire rifle ammunition?

    The 223 Remington 45 grain JHP and 22-250 45 grain JHP in the USA line are great choices for varmint hunting applications.

  34. What is the difference between Lubalox and Moly Coating?

    Lubalox Coating: 

    • Black oxide
    • First used in early 1990
    • Does not increase diameter of bullet
    • Used on Accubond CT®, Ballistic Silvertip®, E-tip and XP3® product lines
    • Does not harm barrel
    • Reduces barrel fouling
    • Does not require barrel "seasoning"

    Moly Coating: 

    • Molybdenum Disulfide
    • First used in late 1990
    • Increases diameter of bullet
    • Was used on part or all of Power-Point® Plus, Partition Gold® Rifle, and one Hornet SKU
    • Did not harm barrel
    • For optimum performance barrel "seasoning" was required
    • Could cause accuracy problems in some guns


  35. I am planning a handgun hunting trip; which product would provide the best results?

    Winchester's Partition Gold® is an outstanding choice for the handgun hunter for use on game ranging in size from Wild Boar to Whitetail Deer. This bullet penetrates deeply, expands consistently, and retains a high percentage of its original weight.

  36. Does Winchester make a 38 Special round suitable for match shooting?

    Yes, the X38SMRP is ideal for match shooting.

  37. Will Lubalox harm the gun barrel?

    Lubalox does not harm the barrel.  In fact, testing shows that the coating often reduces barrel fouling.

  38. What product lines is Lubalox used on?

    The Lubalox coating is used on AccuBond®CT®, Ballistic Silvertip®, E-Tip and XP3® product lines.

  39. Can Winchester Cowboy loads be fired in rifles?

    Yes, Cowboy loads can be fired in rifles that are chambered for that specific caliber.

  40. When was Lubalox introduced?

    The Lubalox coating was introduced in the early 90's on the Ballistic Silvertip® line.  Considered one of Winchester's most successful introductions, this is the company's second largest rifle ammo line.

  41. How does Silvertip® differ from other hollow points?

    The Silvertip® uses unique jacket materials custom tailored for specific calibers in the line to assure maximum performance. There are actually two different jacket materials used, one for the high velocity calibers, like 357 Magnum and one for the low velocity calibers like 38 Special. This enables Winchester to custom tailor performance for each caliber and ensure rapid energy deposit.

  42. What is the difference between WinClean® and standard USA ammunition?

    WinClean® is loaded with BEB bullets and lead/heavy metal free primers to provide a product that virtually eliminates airborne lead exposure at the firing line.

  43. What are the benefits of Lubalox?

    The primary benefits of Lubalox is reduced barrel fouling.  The process creates a surface on the bullet jacket, which increases the amount of shots possible between cleanings.  Unlike moly-coated bullets, Lubalox coated bullets leave the barrel residue-free and do not require barrel "seasoning".  Additionally, unlike uncoated bullets that tarnish over time, Lubalox protects the surface of the bullet jacket, keeping it looking like new.

  44. Can I fire +P loads in my handgun?

    (+P) loads should be fired only in handguns designed to withstand higher than standard chamber pressures. You should consult your firearms manufacturer.

  45. What is Lubalox®?

    Lubalox® is the trade name Winchester® uses to describe a black oxide process.  It is a very thin oxide bullet coating, often compared to the bluing on a steel firearm.

  46. When will the new Winchester 300WSM be available?

    It is currently available. Please contact your local retailer for availability.

  47. Has Winchester ever considered offering a JHP bullet in the USA Brand designed for personal protection in 9mm?

    Winchester is pleased to announce the addition of five NEW Jacketed Hollow Points to the USA handgun line. These new loads are engineered specifically for personal protection applications.

  48. I'm a competitive rifle shooter, which rimfire cartridge do you recommend?

    The Supreme® 22 Long Rifle Match, product symbol S22LR.

  49. I have a quality issue with one of your products. What do I do?

    Use the Contact link or write to:

    Winchester Ammunition
    Attn: Product Service Dept.
    427 N. Shamrock St.
    East Alton, IL 62024

  50. Is the 9mm NATO product available for purchase?

    The NATO product is not manufactured on a regular basis; it is a military product. However, the USA9MM is loaded with the same bullet and is a standard catalog item.

  51. Does Winchester still make the Super Max, a 22LR load?

    No. The load is no longer made. It was discontinued many years ago.

  52. I live in Texas and hunt sand hill cranes. Does Winchester make a lead shot load in a size larger than #4 shot such as a #2 shot?

    Winchester does not load lead shot is sizes larger than #4 at this time.

  53. Can I use the 22 Long Rifle #12 shot in my rifled barrel?

    It is acceptable; however, you will most likely get heavy lead fouling in the rifling grooves. We suggest using the cartridge in a smooth barrel.

  54. In measuring rifle velocities for publication what size barrel do you use?

    Winchester uses a 24 inch barrel. (Except for 44 Rem Mag, 357 Magnum, 30 Carbine and 7.62x39R on which we use a 20 inch barrel)

  55. I just want to do some casual plinking or target shooting… what do you recommend I use in the 22 Long Rifle cartridge.

    The 36gr. Xpert® 22 (Xpert®22) or the 40gr. LHP (W22LRB) both offer a quality 22 Long Rifle cartridge in a bulk pack for added savings. The cartridges are offered in 500 and 550 rounds per box, respectively.

  56. Can I use a 22 Long Rifle for varmint hunting?

    22 Long Rifle can be used for small varmints but the 22 Win Mag may be a better choice.

  57. What advantage do plated bullets have over non-plated lead bullets in rimfire?

    The copper-plating reduces the amount of lead fouling in your barrel caused by the lead projectiles. You will see reduced lead fouling in your barrel when using plated bullets over non-plated bullets.

  58. Do you offer a jacketed bullet in the 22 Long Rifle?

    No, we do not. 22 Long Rifle bullets generally have too low of a velocity that prevents the need to use a jacketed bullet. The 22 Win Mag bullets are all jacketed.

  59. Do you manufacture or do you plan to manufacture "x" cartridge or "x" load of ammunition?

    Please refer to the catalog on this web site. This is the only items that we manufacture. Normally we do not share with the public what our plans are for future product introductions.

  60. Can I submit a suggestion for a new product for Winchester to produce?

    All products currently manufactured by Winchester are featured on the web site. We welcome suggestions; however, due to the volume of suggestions, we cannot respond to each individual request.

  61. How do I become a Winchester dealer and can I purchase product directly from Winchester as a dealer?

    Winchester sells to dealers through distributors. We do not sell directly to dealers. You will need to contact your local distributor for pricing and availability on Winchester ammunition and components.