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12 Gauge, 2.75"

AA TrAAcker
AASC127TB $$$
Since 1965, Winchester AA has been recognized as one of the finest quality target shotshells ever developed. Building on this legendary excellence, AA TrAAcker wads actually stay centered within the pattern all the way to the target. AA TrAAcker wads are available in fluorescent orange for overcast/dark back-drop conditions and in black for clear sky conditions.
Rounds per box: 25
Rounds per case: 250
Orange Hull
Allows shooter to identify AA TrAAcker from the standard AA in your field bag
Shot Trap
Captures a small portion of shot, ensures wad tracks within the pattern down range
AA TrAAcker Orange Wad
Patented design ensures wad tracks in the center of the shot pattern and is visible in variable light conditions
Notched Helical Petals
Engineered to 'spin stabilize' wad, ensuring wad tracks in the center of the shot pattern
12 Gauge, 2.75" Features
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