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2023 Winchester Target Rifle Ammunition Rebate

Take 20% off all eligible Winchester Target Rifle FMJ products

Between March 1, 2023 and April 30, 2023, take 20% off all eligible Winchester Target Rifle FMJ products.

Maximum rebate amount: $75 per household
Minimum one box purchase
All pack sizes and configurations are eligible

Offer is valid on qualifying purchases made between March 1, 2023 - April 30, 2023. Offer expires and all requests must be postmarked by May 15, 2023. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Mail in completed redemption form, original UPC codes, original cash register receipt to:

Winchester Target Rebate
c/o Repco Logistics
PO Box 142369
St. Louis, MO 63114

Winchester is not responsible for lost or stolen mail. Void where taxed, prohibited or restricted by law. © 2023 Olin Winchester, LLC

Eligible products:
USA300BXVP, USA2232, USA300BLK, USA300B147, USAV300BX, USA300BLKX, USA300BXAC, USA5562, USA223R1, USA223R1C, USA223R3, USA223R4, USA223AC, Q3269, Q3131, Q3131A, Q3131C, USA556L2W, Q3131A1, USA3131, W3131, SG556W, QQ3131, USA855L1W, W3130, SG76251D, W223100, W223, W223K, W223CP, WM193100, WM193CP, WM193420CS, WM193K, WM855K, WM855100, WM855CP, WM855420CS, WM855300C, W223DRUM, W223150, WM193150, WM193200, WM193500, WM855500, W2231000, W223200, W223HP55, WM1931000, WM193DRUM, WM8551000, WM855150, WM855200, USA855K, W223FMJ62, WM193300C, WM855DRUM, USA855125, Q3131K, USA223R1K, USA193125, USAVM80X, SGM118LRW, WM80X, WM80DRUM, S76251M, Q3130, WM80, SGM80W, Q3131J, ZWM855CP, USA2232F, USA2232Y, USA223R1A, USA223R1F, USA223R1FA, USA223R1VP, USA223RF, Q3267, ZUSA5562, ZUSA5562X, ZW223K, ZW223L, ZWM193K, ZWM193L, ZWM855K, ZWM855L, USA223R1Y, USA223LK, USA223LKY, USA223SK, USA223L1, USA223L2, USA223LD, USA223L1AC, USA223R3A, USA223R3Y, Q3131Y, USA556LK, USA556LKY, WW556CL, USA556L1, Q3131L, USA3131W, USA556L2, USA556L5, WW556C, SXZ556, X556TG, USA3162W, SG76251W, USA223R1L, ZUSA223R3, ZQ3131, USA556LD, W223S, WM193S, WM855S, USA223R1KY, Q3131KY, WM80DRUMY, USA3501, SGM193KW, USA65CM, USA65CMVP