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Go Shoot! It’s Easy To Find A Place To Shoot

For some would-be shooters, the only thing holding them back from more trigger time is finding a good place near home where they can shoot.

But with so many resources available, shooting clubs welcoming members, public ranges opening up and available classes and events, finding a good place to shoot is easier than ever.

Go Shoot! It’s Easy To Find A Place To Shoot

Whether you want to get certified for your concealed carry permit, want to take a friend or spouse shooting for fun or are looking for events where you can hone your competitive edge by going head-to-head with some of the best local talent in your area, the following is a list of great online resources to get you quickly punching holes in targets or busting clays—or if you are driven, doing both!

Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program – mqp.nra.org


NSSF’s WhereToShoot.org – wheretoshoot.org

NRA Competitive Shooting Programs – compete.nra.org

American Trap Association – shootata.com

National Skeet Shooting Association – nssa-nsca.org

3-Gun Nation – 3gunnation.com

United States Practical Shooting Association – uspsa.org

International Defensive Pistol Association – idpa.com


International Practical Shooting Confederation – ipsc.org


Kids & Clays – kidsandclays.com

Olin Shooting Facilities – winchestergunrange.com

Youth Shooting Sports Program – youthshootingsa.com

Civilian Marksmanship Program – thecmp.org

National 4-H Shooting Sports – 4-hshootingsports.org

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