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E-Tip™ - Lead Free

Winchester and Nosler have combined technologies to bring hunters a superior hunting load through innovative design. The extremely complex hollow cavity and bullet composition guarantee textbook expansion over a wide range of impact velocities and near 100 percent weight retention. E-Tip™ ammunition delivers unbeatable terminal performance and accuracy in the field.

Bullet Anatomy

1 - Polymer Tip
Resists deformation, maximizes long-range performance and promotes expansion

2 - E Energy Expansion Cavity
Promotes expansion at long and short ranges while improving accuracy

3 - Massive Expansion
Results in maximum energy transfer and knock-down power

Lubalox® (Black Oxide) Coating
Reduces engraving forces and barrel fouling

Gilding Metal Construction
Maintains near 100% retained weight for deep and consistent penetration.

New Symbols for 2011

Bullet Weight
308 Win
168 gr