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Winchester® is Lok'd & Lethal With Rooster™ XR™

Introducing Rooster™ XR™ 


Upland hunters rely on long-range lethality when it comes to flushing ringnecks. Winchester® Ammunition is proud to introduce its most innovative pheasant load, the new Rooster™ XR™.

Featuring the same Shot-Lok™ Technology as found in Winchester Long Beard™ XR™, Rooster XR delivers more consistent and tighter patterns at longer ranges. It also includes deeper penetration and extreme knockdown power. Rooster XR is ideal for upland hunters that experience challenging shots in tough conditions.

Winchester Rooster XR will be offered in the following specifications:

 sKU RDS/BX LengthVelocity Shot Wt Shot Size
 12 15 3 1300 1 1/2 4,5,6
 12 15 2 3/4 1300 1 1/4 4,5,6


Shot-Lok Technology, found in Rooster XR, is a hardened resin that eliminates air space around the pellets preventing movement, which ultimately leads to virtually no pellet deformation.

As the shot is fired, the resin fractures, forming a micro-buffer as the shot pattern leaves the gun barrel—the pellets remain round and fly straighter and tighter resulting in highly consistent payloads and devastating knockdown at longer ranges.

Advantages of Shot-Lok Technology—

  • Protects shot during in-bore acceleration
  • Shot launches from barrel near perfectly round for extremely tight long-range patterns
  • Greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 50 yards
  • Devastating terminal on-target performances

“Rooster XR is the most innovative Winchester pheasant load ever developed,” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales, marketing and strategy for Winchester Ammunition. “We are thrilled to get this product in the hands of upland hunters, as they will immediately recognize a difference and instantly aspire to be successful, especially when challenging shots are taken into account.”

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