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Winchester Life TV Show

Winchester Life TV Show

For sport shooters and hunters around the world, Winchester is a way of life. Explore captivating stories by watching season 2 of Winchester Life, a TV series that airs on the Outdoor Channel and features rich traditions, innovative products and a legacy of more than 150 years.

For Sport Shooters and Hunters All Across The World, Winchester Represents a Way of Life.

Winchester, The American Legend... the iconic brand of more than 150 years. For many across the world, Winchester is a way of life. It is the shooting sports, hunting and conservation.

It is time spent with family and friends in the outdoors ... and experiences that will never be forgotten. Winchester Life will educate and entertain by sharing the stories of the people and the places that embody the spirit of living a Winchester life.

Upcoming Episodes:

Episode 1 - Another Legend is Born

On opening day of the 2022 Missouri Firearm Season, the 400 Legend made its way into the corn fields and onto the timbered ridges for the very first time with Team Winchester in hopes to test the new cartridge on a whitetail buck. As any deer camp does, it has its share of moments that will never be forgotten, including the first ever buck shot with the 400 Legend.

Episode 2 - Melissa

Ride along with Team Winchester’s Melissa Bachman as she takes us on a wild ride chasing big game across North America.

Episode 3 - Chasing the Migration

Follow Team Winchester’s Shawn Stahl over a season as the legendary waterfowl hunter take us on adventures chasing the migration across the country.

Episode 4 - The Wentz Brothers

Follow NFL quarterback and Team Winchester’s Carson Wentz and his brother Zach as they pursue ducks and turkeys across the country.

Episode 5 - Giants of the Midwest

Join the Winchester Life Team as they pursue giant midwestern whitetails with their Winchester rifles in hand.

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