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Winchester World of Whitetail

Winchester World of Whitetail

Hunting Topics

The World of Whitetail is a hard-core whitetail hunting series with a behind-the-scenes reality look into the life of series host, Ron Spomer. Ron’s background enables him to reveal many of the secrets of successful whitetail deer hunting and species biology behind America’s favorite big game species. We’ll vicariously follow Ron as he preps for hunts and get the inside scoop on his rituals, strategies and tactics that allow him continuous success harvesting older, mature bucks.

Through personal ‘walk and talk’ interviews we’ll learn about some of Ron’s favorite aspects of his life with whitetails, some of his favorite things and those that frustrate him about the world of whitetail hunting.

Check out the latest Winchester legends currently airing on the Sportsmans Channel.

The Cast

Ron Spomer
Naturalist. Firearm & Ammunition Authority. Hunter.

Ron Spomer has been hunting, shooting, and writing about it since 1976. His articles and photos have been published widely in magazines, newspapers, books, and websites. Ron has been the long-standing host of Winchester World of Whitetail. He’s roamed round the world in pursuit of big game and small game species alike. If you need to know anything and everything about hunting and ballistics, Ron is your man.