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Varmint X

Varmint X Varmint X

Varmint X $$

Extreme on Predators

Varmint X Ammunition is Specifically Designed to Meet the Demands of Predator and Varmint Hunters
Varmint X shotgun ammunition includes innovative Shot-Lok Technology, offering the tightest patterns and longest shot capability of any traditional predator load. Shot-Lok protects the shot during in-bore acceleration keeping it perfectly round as it launches from the barrel. Delivering 50% more pellets in a 10-inch circle at 40 yards, Varmint X shotshell ammunition offers devastating performance on target. It also delivers greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 40 yards.
Protects Shot During In-Bore Acceleration
Shot launches from barrel near perfectly round for extremely tight long-range patterns
50% more pellets in a 10" circle at 40 yards
Devastating terminal on-target performance
Greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 40 yards
Varmint X Features
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