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Best Late Season Fowl Tip – Blind Side Them

The 2014-2015 duck season is winding down and waterfowlers everywhere are going to be hitting what open water isn’t frozen up for that last chance at downing some ducks. But the hunting can get tough for sure.

By now, as divers and dabblers have worked their way down the flyways, they’ve been called to, decoyed and shot at, and the survivors are wary of anything that doesn’t look right. That also means hunters have to get smarter, pay more attention to the tactical details and be ready to make shots at fast passers, sometimes at the edge of their shotgun’s range.

Best Late Season Fowl Tip – Blind Side Them

For that, Winchester’s Blind Side Magnum Waterfowl loads may well be the best investment a hunter can make in winning big in the final days of the season.

Blind Side Magnum loads are filled with patented Hex Shot, a cube shaped shot that not only packs more tightly inside the shell for up to 15 percent more deadly payload, but also strikes like a brick, generating more trauma upon impact, greatly reducing the risk of merely wounding a bird. By more efficiently stacking the shot inside the shell and wad, there is more room for velocity-generating powder, making Blind Side among the hardest hitting steel loads available.

The Diamond Cut Wad helps hold patterns together at greater distances for when those shots need to be made at distance too. In fact, it increases a hunter’s kill-zone sweet spot of 30 inches by at least 25 percent. Click here and scroll down to the “Performance” section of the page to see a comparison of how Blind Side patterns at various distances and through Full, Improved Cylinder and Modified chokes. Next, pick some up at a store near you and give it a shot. It could make the difference in your last late season hunts.

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