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Find Daylight Rubs!

Rubs, especially large rubs, are some of the most exciting sign a deer hunter can find! Part of the research for my Ph.D. degree was studying large rubs. I did this research on a property that was actively hunted.

The local hunters thought the large rubs I was studying would be great stand sites! In fact, there was a ladder stand about 70 yards away from the rub in this picture. These hunters wore a trail to this ladder stand from where they parked. I had hundreds of pictures of mature bucks using this rub but this image is the only one taken during daylight. The hunters never tagged or even reported seeing a mature buck from that stand.

Find Daylight Rubs!

This is a great example of the difference between finding sign and finding sign in an area where deer are likely to be active during daylight hours!

Lessons learned during that research changed the focus of my scouting to intentionally look for sign in locations that deer will likely use during daylight hours.

Growing Deer together,


Dr. Grant Woods
Dr. Grant Woods
Raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Dr. Grant Woods has consulted on wildlife research and management from Canada to New Zealand. A hunter since childhood, he not only knows how to grow big deer, but how to effectively hunt them as well. His work serves to improve deer herd quality and educate hunters about advanced management techniques.