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Fallen Fowl: Part Two

Casey Keefer travels to the Canadian province of Alberta to meet migratory birds during waterfowl season. The two-day trip brings a bounty of birds for Casey and his crew.

Alberta, Canada is known as the Mecca for waterfowl hunting. Casey Keefer witnesses why this province holds its world class reputation. As the skies fill with feathers, Casey and his crew see success with his Winchester SX2 shotgun and Super X Xpert ammunition.

Fallen Fowl: Part Two

When the cool autumn breeze blows and the temperature lowers, air traffic heightens as migratory birds join the clouds. Waterfowl season has arrived in Alberta, a Canadian province known as the Mecca for duck species and Canadian geese. The time has come for Winchester Super X Xpert ammunition to fly.

For bird hunters, this is when the fun begins.

Casey Keefer’s unexpected date with waterfowl is a welcome addition to his agenda. Hunting guides Lee and Eric McNary join in on the pursuit. The group sets the stage for success.

Clothed in white camouflage to mirror snow geese, Casey hopes to conceal himself amongst numerous bird decoys. Decoys and camouflage are popular tools in a wing shooter's “bag of tricks” to attract birds in flight. As dawn drips with daylight, Casey Keefer is ready fill a mixed bag of duck species and Canadian geese using his Winchester SX2 shotgun.

Casey sits where the land meets the sky. His box of Super X Xpert waterfowl loads is by his side, promising precision and penetration.

His heart beats.

His eyes scan the horizon.

His grip tightens around his Winchester shotgun.

Every hunt brings anticipation. Mother Nature can unexpectedly create heartbreaking conditions for waterfowl hunting: Calm winds. Empty skies. Quiet ponds. But as quick as she reminds man of her power, she also provides her bounties. Casey is within her favor this morning. He sees a flurry of feathers.

As the birds quickly flock towards Casey’s spread, a smile stretches across his face. With each shot, he is reminded of the strong instincts that send these birds south, and the power of Winchester that brings them down.

Up Close with the Host

An outdoorsman can plan and predict, but surprises still pop up based on the whims of the wilderness. Casey Keefer’s waterfowl hunt in Alberta was an unplanned bonus hunt. His stalk of a mule deer originally brought him to the Canadian province. Like many large game animals that the Keefer Brothers pursue, Casey nicknamed the 208-inch antlered animal. Known as “The Majestic Lion,” the mule deer’s moniker was inspired by its mammoth size. The reference is also reflective of Casey and crew’s tendency to base nicknames off of movies. “The Majestic Lion” comes from a quote in the comedy “Horrible Bosses 2.” After bagging the buck, Casey decides to remain in Waterfowl Country and set his sights on the skies. On his first day of wingshooting, he takes his limit of ducks and geese using his Winchester SX2. He sees success on the second day as well … another limit, another moment shared with his comrades.

Not bad for a bonus hunt.

Not bad at all.

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Casey Keefer
Casey Keefer
Casey lives off of the adrenaline and the solitude he finds in the most remote corners of the world. Essentially, this charges his batteries. For him, it’s not about the end game, it’s about the journey. He considers it his duty to “pass it on,” so that hopefully you can experience the same in your very own way – wherever that may be, chasing whatever you may chase. Casey is co-host of Winchester Life. He and brother Chris find themselves pursuing big game a large amount of time in Alaska.