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Dog Days

The Keefer Brothers head to the Kansas plains to dial in on the coyote that roam the region. Joined by longtime friend Jason Brown, Chris and Casey are locked and loaded with Winchester Varmint X ammunition. All they need is an opportunity…and the Winchester is ready to go to work.

The ways of the wilderness pivot around one crucial, constant fact: A chain of command exists. A food chain of command, to be exact.


Dog Days

There’s the hunters. And the hunted.

The predators. And the prey.

While this system is natural and necessary, excessive predator numbers can negatively impact species populations. Too many predators equals too little prey, and vice versa. The food chain is a domino effect…and a balancing act. Which is why it is important to keep species numbers in check.

As outdoorsmen head to the woods and plains to hunt, they often compete with an adaptable, stealthy predator: Coyotes.

The wild dog species consume large herbivores like deer and elk, as well as small game, like birds, rodents and rabbits. A cunning animal who easily adapts, coyotes are a known predator that can also be a nuisance. Farmers often lose livestock—chickens, sheep, etc.—to the stealthy ways of the coyote.

Hunting these predators keeps their population—and the population of their prey—in line. For example, coyotes will often kill whitetail fawns. By maintaining the coyote numbers, more fawns have a chance to mature, thus strengthening the deer population.

Hunters can grab their tried and true Winchester firearms and get locked and loaded with Varmint X to take aim at coyotes. The Varmint X ammunition is specifically designed for predator hunting, providing the reliability that is consistent with Winchester’s trustworthy reputation.

To choose your ammo, learn more about Winchester Varmint X.

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Chris Keefer
Chris Keefer
Chris loves to chase big game in Alaska with brother Casey and spends a ton of time doing just that. When not there or in the planning stages of the next hunt, he enjoys a sunny day round of golf back home in his native Michigan.

As co-host of Winchester Life, he feels it his responsibility to help you find your own definition of the outdoors. He takes this responsibility very seriously and will take the rest of his working life fulfilling this quest. He can go from adventurous woodsman to sharp-dressed dinner guest in no time at all.
Casey Keefer
Casey Keefer
Casey lives off of the adrenaline and the solitude he finds in the most remote corners of the world. Essentially, this charges his batteries. For him, it’s not about the end game, it’s about the journey. He considers it his duty to “pass it on,” so that hopefully you can experience the same in your very own way – wherever that may be, chasing whatever you may chase. Casey is co-host of Winchester Life. He and brother Chris find themselves pursuing big game a large amount of time in Alaska.