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Behind the Scenes: The Lethal Design of Winchester Ammunition

What goes up, must come down. It’s the main mission when you’re a waterfowl hunter. As ducks and geese soar overhead, perfect aim isn’t the only priority for a hunter…it’s just the start. The finish is all about having the perfect ammunition, designed to penetrate the birds with precision and power.

Behind the Scenes: The Lethal Design of Winchester Ammunition

That’s where Winchester Blind Side comes into play.

Blind Side is specifically designed to turn the skies into a feathered frenzy. It’s not just ammunition. It’s ammunition engineered with intention.

Here’s proof that Blind Side’s design gives waterfowl hunters the edge they need and the results they love.

  1. Hexagonal-shaped pellets. When designing Blind Side, Winchester tested out multiple pellet shapes to determine the best shape for maximum consistency and devastation. Hexagonal-shaped pellets quickly rose to the top. This Hex design keeps the patterns consistent and close for a punch of power.
  2. Stacked. Thanks to the hexagonal-shape, pellets can be stacked in the load, which means more pellets (we’re talking up to 15% more) in the same amount of space. More pellets equals more payload equals more devastation.
  3. Multiple edges. The six-sided, multiple-edged shot provided increased trauma and wound channels. The shot penetrates waterfowl with lethal precision, helping eager waterfowl hunters reach their daily limit with efficiency.
  4. Increased kill zone. Blind Side’s Diamond Cut Wad is designed to create consistent patterns. The design increases kill zones by up to 25%, which means more room to land a lethal shot.
  5. More Dry, More Effective. The ammunition features the innovative Drylok Super Steel System, which keeps the powder dry and resists corrosion for smooth, steady shots. It also seals out water and moisture for improved patterning and consistent velocities.

Blind Side is a proven favorite amongst millions of waterfowl hunters. If you need proof, just ask…or better yet: see for yourself.

For more information on Winchester Blind Side ammunition, visit www.winchester.com