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USA Forged: First Steel Case Loads From Winchester

The number of recreational pistol shooters is growing by leaps and bounds across this nation as more people become interested in both self-defense and discover the fun of shooting handguns.

For these high-volume shooters—new and old—as well as competitive shooters who can also burn through ammunition in their pursuit for victory, Winchester introduces USA Forged ammunition, featuring preci­sion-manufactured steel shell­cases. The shellcases culminate a long development process and are proudly manufactured in Winchester’s Oxford, Miss., manufacturing facility.

USA Forged: First Steel Case Loads From Winchester

This marks the first time a major U.S. ammunition manu­facturer has introduced a steel shellcase pistol product that is made completely in the USA.

Winchester USA Forged will initially be offered in a 150-round box of 115-grain full metal jacket (FMJ) 9mm bullets that feature a high-quality brass bullet jack­et. The rounds were extensive­ly tested during development for functionality and reliability. Shooters should expect great on-the-range performance with this new product.

Steel cases are less expensive to manufacture than standard brass casings and while some high-volume shooters have turned to foreign-made steel loads in the past, many of this ammunition has been banned from ranges because they also contain steel jacketed bullets, which can damage firearm barrels and ranges themselves. Because only the case, and not the bullet is made from steel, USA Forged is safe to use in any properly chambered, properly working modern firearm and acceptable for use on all ranges. Because these cases cost less to manufacture, they also cost less for the consumer to buy, meaning literally more bang for your buck.

Another benefit of these loads, particularly for the reloader, is cases can be easily picked up and retrieved using a magnet.

Key features of USA Forged are:

  • Noncorrosive boxer primers and clean-burning powder; perfect for high-volume range sessions
  • Brass jacketed lead-core bullets; range-friendly on indoor and outdoor ranges
  • Jacketed (nonplated) bullets; safe for use in ported, vented or suppressed pistols
  • Easy on-range shellcase cleanup with a magnet
  • Shellcases include a proprietary coating for improved reliability and corrosion resistance.
Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition
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