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Winchester Premieres Three Short Films to Showcase Its Historic Heritage

When a brand has enjoyed such an illustrious and lengthy history as Winchester has over the past 150 years, you can’t just do a story in a magazine or post a few blogs to celebrate.

Such an occasion deserves unique attention and as part of the Big Red W’s multi-media celebration, the company is releasing three very special anniversary short films to showcase various aspects of the Winchester legacy.

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The first of these films, the 9-minute “Milestones,” enjoyed its world premiere June 17 and can now be viewed through all of Winchester’s digital properties including their main website home page and the Winchester 150th Anniversary website. “Milestones” touches on key developments at Winchester, as well as the company’s involvement in and impact on American events throughout Winchester’s history.


The second film, “The Veteran,” offers a poignant glimpse at the roles spring turkey hunting season and Winchester ammunition has played throughout the life of 92-year-old WWII veteran and retired Tennessee Judge Arden Hill, roles that echo throughout the lives of many sportsmen and war heroes like him. “The Veteran” will premiere July 8 on all Winchester multi-media platforms. It is 11 minutes long.

The third short film, “Nilo Farms,” premieres August 5 and offers a never-before-seen look at the amazing history and role Winchester’s 640-acre Nilo Farms, created in 1952 by John M. Olin, has played, not only in the development of Winchester game loads, but also in the world of field trial dog training and wildlife and habitat conservation. The 9-minute film offers a unique mix of historical footage combined with a first-hand view of activities and topography of today’s facility.

Together, these powerful short films capture the spirit and legacy of Winchester woven throughout the fabric of American life for the past 150 years like no medium can deliver. They also offer a promise for what the brand holds for our country over the next 150.


Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition
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