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Waiting Game

The middle of November marks the beginning of Nebraska’s firearm season. Sitting in the sand hills of the Cornhusker State, Pete Alfano of Whitetail Properties proves that the promise of big bucks is a pledge the prairies intend to keep.

Winds blowing through the Nebraska sand hills often whisper promises of whitetail and mule deer. Hunters hear the call toward the prairies.

Waiting Game

Their ears perk up.

Their instincts kick in.

Their passion for pursuit is triggered, guiding them like a North Star shining over the heartland.

Pete Alfano of Whitetail Properties joins the ranks of hopeful hunters as he arrives in Sheridan County in search of mule deer. He sets up shop at a family-owned ranch near Rushville, Nebraska— a community with a population of about 900 people. This type of small town is often scattered across America’s heartland. Non-native hunters are welcomed like old friends.

Each state varies on hunting season dates and bag limits. In Nebraska, firearm deer season begins the second week of November. Pete puts on the blaze orange in the middle of Nebraska’s hunting window in hopes of securing a successful hunt.

The morning is a whitetail wonderland, but Pete is holding out for a mule deer. He waits for his opportunity. Winchester is ready for every situation and any surprise.

When a monarch muley steps into Pete’s sightline, the right time meets the right place. Pete is prepared. Some things are certain with a Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS. Reliability. Consistency. Accuracy. With a new box of Deer Season XP ammunition, Pete and Winchester team together to take down a true trophy.

The prairies of Nebraska keep their promise. Winchester does the same, providing Pete with a success story he is happy to bring back home.

Digging Deeper

The sand hills of the Nebraska ranch where Pete Alfano shot his mule deer attracts an abundance of game, including turkey, pheasant, quail, elk, whitetail and mule deer. While whitetail and mule deer look similar, there are subtle differences that differentiate the animals, including coloring and antler growth patterns. Hunters refer to these animals’ antler sizes using different lingo. For example, the mule deer that Pete took is considered a “five by five” based on the antler point count for each side. A whitetail with the same amount of antler points is called a 10-point. Though the type of game and lingo may vary, one thing remains unchanged: the reliability and assurance that Winchester brings to every hunt.

Up Close with the Host

Hunting is a beloved pastime that builds bonds between friends. Pete Alfano is good friends with Justin Simmons, the hunting manager at the Nebraska ranch where Pete took his mule deer. For generations, Justin’s family has owned and operated the working cattle ranch and hunting Mecca. While Justin manages and guides nearly 20 hunts per year, his father and brother mainly handle the cattle operations. The ranch covers 60,000 acres of sprawling sand hills and vast meadows. This prime hunting spot attracts the interests of outdoorsmen seeking the same success that Pete Alfano experienced. Justin and Pete aim to hunt together each year. The duo is dedicated to the treasured tradition and the hunting foundation that strengthens their friendship. Winchester joins the camaraderie that continues to connect outdoorsmen across America.

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