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A Behind the Scenes Look at a Shooting Match by Becky Yackley

Going to a weekend sporting event is a pretty typical American pastime, but we all know what's in store at a football game. How about a shooting competition?  What do people do that takes one or sometimes several days to set-up, shoot, then tear-down? 

Take a peek at some shooting and scenes from a weekend match.  This match was the Generation III Gun Championship in Lake of the Ozarks, MO.  The event is a fundraiser to support youth who compete in 3 Gun, and they even had a shoot-off where juniors (kids under 18) picked adults to shoot a head-to-head stage with them while competitors waited for scores from the match to be tallied. Out of the 209 shooters, there were 31 juniors and 23 ladies competing in this match.

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Becky Yackley
Becky Yackley
On the road more than home, Becky has competed in 3 Gun, Bianchi pistol, service-rifle, NCAA air rifle, smallbore and air pistol around the world since 1989. For her, shooting is more than an individual sport, it is a family affair. She and family travel both near and far to spread the words of safety and shooting to both friends and strangers. Shooting should be fun – this is what Becky preaches day in and day out. The “rush” of any competition highly motivates Becky, but it is the ability to share her sport and passion that truly drive her.