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So Long, Boy's Club: The Shift in Shooting Sports

Shooting sports has a robust history in America. In its early days, the pastime was primarily dominated by men. Society generally considered it “unladylike” for women to use a firearm. Shooting was a man’s job.



So Long, Boy's Club: The Shift in Shooting Sports

Not anymore.


Today, the “boys’ club” mentality around shooting sports has shifted. More women are picking up firearms and participating in the activity with fervor, passion and skill. According to the NRA, the percentage of women target shooters has grown from less than 10 percent in 2009 to over 37 percent in 2017.


Hillsdale College and Winchester partner together to promote and host initiatives to increase the number of shooting sports enthusiasts across all demographics. As part of their priority to advance shooting sports, the college hosts an annual Ladies for Liberty camp every summer. Winchester also serves as a sponsor of various shooting sports programs at Hillsdale College.


During the Ladies for Liberty camp, women gather together for four days to learn handgun, shotgun and safety techniques. Professors also instruct participants on firearm-related topics, including the Second Amendment and the Constitution. Ladies for Liberty instructors help lead the Couples for Liberty camp at Hillsdale College.


With Olympic shooting sports trailblazers like Ruby Fox and Kim Rhode shining new light on the sport, women shooters are cementing their presence in this American past time. The NRA reported that 78 percent of retailers have reported an increase in female customers. As shooting sports continues to grow, Winchester will remain a constant in the promotion and support of this great American pastime.


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