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Try Winchester’s Ballistics Calculator

Whatever the shooting interest, one of the most basic understandings every shooting enthusiast must develop about the firearm and load they are shooting is how the particular bullet they are using will perform downrange.

Until recently, the best—and almost only way—to easily do that was to actually buy several boxes of a particular ammunition and put it through the barrel to see how it performs. That or refer to manuals that might provide some insight, most of buried among pages of data not essential to the shooter’s interest.

As part of their effort to make ammo selection as easy and effortless as possible for its consumers, Winchester developed a state-of-the-art online ballistics calculator specifically tailored to provide detailed insight into the performance of the full spectrum of Winchester ammunition. It allows users to choose a particular type of ammo and compare up to five different Winchester bullet types, weights or loads with easy-to-read, and perhaps most importantly, easy-to-understand, ballistic charts and graphs. It delivers information such as velocity at the muzzle and at various ranges along the bullet’s flight path, ballistic coefficient and the trajectory of the load including drop in inches, and in increments at different distances. Shooters can select the zero for the sight-in range, distance shooting and even crosswind and temperature.

The ballistics calculator covers performance data for Winchester’s centerfire rifle, rimfire, centerfire handgun, slugs and shotgun ammunition. There’s even an iPhone Ballistics Calculator app so a gun owner can determine ballistic performance in the field or on the range.

Now, before even purchasing ammunition, shooters can browse the complete offerings from Winchester and determine how they will perform from their firearm. Then, once the best choice is made, it’s simply a matter of still doing what we all love to do as shooters, and that’s go buy a few boxes of the chosen load and put it to the actual test on the range.


Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition
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