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Grunting – Sweet Music To A Deer Hunter’s Ear by Grant Woods

Grunt calls can be a tremendous tool! They will work throughout most of the deer season, but they may work best during mid to late October throughout most of the whitetail’s range.

Buck grunts communicate to other bucks in the area there is a receptive doe close by. During this time of year most bucks’ testosterone level is very high but most does aren’t receptive. Because receptive does are scarce most bucks will readily check out the source of grunts in an effort to find a receptive doe.

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Dr. Grant Woods
Dr. Grant Woods
Raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Dr. Grant Woods has consulted on wildlife research and management from Canada to New Zealand. A hunter since childhood, he not only knows how to grow big deer, but how to effectively hunt them as well. His work serves to improve deer herd quality and educate hunters about advanced management techniques.