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Drury Tips & Tactics

Three Ways to Stay Motivated Before Whitetail Season

Summer is here, and the livin’ is easy….unless you’re a dedicated whitetail hunter. While summer is a fun season to soak up the sun with activities like family reunions, trips to the lake, vacations, BBQs and more, summer is also the ideal time to get situated for whitetail season. Drury Tips & Tactics

Stands. Food Plots. Intel. Trail cams. Clearing. It’s all part of the to-do list to increase your odds of tagging a trophy. Preparation and planning are KEY to securing a big buck with the Winchester in hand.

Here are three top tips from Winchester to stay motivated and keep your eyes on the prize during the dog days of summer.

  1. Dial In. Your trusted Winchester will deliver accuracy and power, but you’ve got to make sure the barrel is warmed up and ready. Don’t wait until the fall to get the Model 70 or XPR out of the case or gun cabinet. Feed the firearm with Deer Season XP and get dialed in before summer fades out.

  2. Maximize Your Time. Summer is busy. You’ve got a lot of commitments, but you want to let loose and have fun, too. Try to incorporate work AND play by utilizing those incremental pockets of time to get the prep work complete. Have 15 minutes? Check a trail cam for intel. Got a spare morning? Sight in your Winchester, or glass from afar to check deer movement. Waste no time. Come fall, you will reap the rewards.

  3. Balance. Success centers on balancing priorities. You don’t have to be all hunting or all activities. Think less black and white, because it doesn’t always have to be so cut and dry. Spend time with the Winchester, and spend time with family. Tell yourself, “OK, this weekend, I’m all about the lake life with friends, but next weekend, I’m focusing on all things hunting.” Find that balance, and stick to your guns. Literally.

Now, the temps are sizzling and the grass is green. But soon enough, the air will turn crisp, the leaves will turn, and fall will arrive. Hunting season is coming. When it does, you’ll be ready…and so will Winchester.

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