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Deer Must Eat Feverishly Before the Heat Of The Rut by Grant Woods

The young buck in this video is feeding like he may not eat again for months. That’s somewhat true! Shortly after a buck sheds the velvet from his antlers until the first doe become receptive is typically a time of intentional feeding and storing fat.

Knowing this means it’s worthy to scout for the food sources bucks are currently using. During this time of year bucks crave carbohydrate-rich food to aid in developing fat! This could be grain crops in agriculture production areas or acorns in areas where oaks dominate the landscape.

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Once the first doe becomes receptive in an area, bucks spend less time feeding and more time seeking out a receptive partner. Due to this behavior shift, bucks often lose up to 30% of their body weight during the rut. No wonder they feed like crazy just before the breeding season!

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Dr. Grant Woods
Dr. Grant Woods
Raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Dr. Grant Woods has consulted on wildlife research and management from Canada to New Zealand. A hunter since childhood, he not only knows how to grow big deer, but how to effectively hunt them as well. His work serves to improve deer herd quality and educate hunters about advanced management techniques.