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Winchester Legends

Winchester Legends

Hunting Topics

Spanning the globe, Winchester Legends brings you an unequaled and exciting hunting adventure each and every week. Join hosts Bob Foulkrod, Steve Farris and Melissa Bachman as they venture near and far in search of the hunting world’s most sought-after game species from gigantic whitetails to the majestic Alaskan grizzly bear. With each bringing their unique skills to the challenges of hunting –– these seasoned hunters’ experience, wits and will are put to the ultimate test. Drawing from the spirit and tradition of the outdoors, with a focus on passing down knowledge from one generation to the next, Winchester Legends is a showcase for the lifestyle and the responsibility we all share that allows for the enjoyment of hunting.

Check out the latest Winchester legends currently airing on the Outdoor Channel.

The Cast

Melissa Bachman
Television Host. Traveling Fool. Hunter.

With a degree in broadcast journalism, Melissa set sights on a career in the outdoors. Traveling over 300 days a year to shoot for Winchester Deadly Passion, Bachman considers this her “dream job.” With a love for children, industry trade shows and the great outdoors, she films around the world for her adrenaline-pumped series.

Bob Foulkrod
Outdoor Hall of Fame Member. Father. Hunter.

Regarded by many as America’s greatest living outdoor hunter, Bob has mastered all aspects of hunting from bows to firearms. Traveling in the field more than 250 days per year, Bob has accomplished what no other haunter has ever accomplished over a five-year period – he took 80 big game species worldwide in seven continents. Bob has hunted around the world multiple times taking such species as: cape buffalo, grizzly bear, sheep and many, many more.

Ron Spomer
Naturalist. Firearm & Ammunition Authority. Hunter.

Ron Spomer has been hunting, shooting, and writing about it since 1976. His articles and photos have been published widely in magazines, newspapers, books, and websites. Ron has been the long-standing host of Winchester World of Whitetail. He’s roamed round the world in pursuit of big game and small game species alike. If you need to know anything and everything about hunting and ballistics, Ron is your man.

Allen Treadwell
Father. Husband. Shooter. Hunter.

A child shooting prodigy, Allen was on the All-American sporting clays team at age 16. A 10-time World Cup team member and a 2004 USA Shooting Team Olympic alternate. Though Allen has competed around the globe, his passion is right at home, in the Ozarks of Missouri, chasing whitetail deer. He can be seen on outdoor television throughout the year.